We provide import, export and logistics operational support and consulting services. While Swift Trans & Consol International (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd. (Swift-Consol) does not hold greater knowledge or wisdom than others, we do possess insights gained from our many years of experience in this industry.
Air Freight can reduce the total logistics cost for urgent or time-critical logistical challenges. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, you will be able to reduce inventory and improve your service offerings by fast response time at an affordable price.
Our sea land and air land experts offer a range of services & ensure efficient handling of all your consolidation and full load freight as well as direct and charter shipments. By dealing with customs clearance while your shipment is en route,we ensure the fastest possible delivery to your destination.
Land with transit crossing border to Cambodia via Thailand & Vietnam
Our Shipping & Logistics project team has the capability and experience to handle big or small projects has a specialized Projects Division manned by dedicated professionals, managing the transportation and logistics of shipments originating from any part of the world.
We provide you specialist services in handling of high, wide and heavy cargos as well as large break bulk shipments in complex environments on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis throughout the world.
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